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On many electric motors, a fan is attached to the rotating element to create a current of cooling air through the housing. In an automobile, the motion of the vehicle provides sufficient forced-convection cooling for the transmission and the gears in the rear axle; in the engine, however, so much energy is released that, except for some early models and certain small cars with low-powered engines, air cooling is inadequate, and a water cooling system radiator is required.
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a cooling system used in industry to cool hot water by partial evaporation before reusing it as a coolant. a cooling system that cools by evaporation. a cooling system for chilling or freezing usually for preservative purposes. type of: mechanism.
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The transfer of heat out of an object. For other uses, see Cooling disambiguation. Cooling is removal of heat, usually resulting in a lower temperature and/or phase change. Temperature lowering achieved by any other means may also be called cooling.
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